• About us

    We have been lucky to have inherited Himroo from our forefathers. Himroo showroom which is based in Aurangabad was the only tourist shopping centre from the late 1800 till early 1900's. Our expensive looking Himroo fabrics are produced on a Jacquard loom which uses punch cards to systematically raise and drop warp stands and allowing access to weft yarns inside the shuttle. The technique is complex and the Qureshi family is the only family that has carried forward this tradition of weaving Himroo fabric for ages.


    We have embarked on this mission to export Himroo fabrics all over the world. Himroo has a 600 year old history which will emotionally connect with its consumers. Himroo uses the same technique as the craftsmen from the past, with a few innovations that were introduced by master craftsman Abdul Hameed Qureshi who revolutionized the Himroo industry in 1960's-70's. We produce genuine Himroo at our weaving factory located in Aurangabad. In 2012, the Maharashtra Government awarded the Aurangabad Himroo factory for excellence in textiles, at the hands of the then chief minister Prithviraj Chauhan, on the ocassion of 50 years of industrialisation in Aurangabad.